Pretty Little Liars Season 2 Microsite

We were commissioned here at Substance to build and deploy a competition website for the release of Pretty Little Liars in the states. I collaborated with Robert Turrall and Cristian Ortiz to build a website that offers a user 4 weeks of competitions to win handbags, DVD’s and various jewellery for Warner Bros. Home Video!

The site utilises JQuery heavily for its effects and PHP to store and track registrations and entries to each competition.

In order for users to be able to get a closer look at the images to find each word I decided to use a handy little JQuery plugin called Cloud Zoom which allows users to place their mouse over the image in order to zoom and display a larger image so they are able to find each word. We even plugged in some Touch code to support the site on mobile devices, mainly iPad!

Another lovely little javascript library that was used was PXLoader and preloaded all of the image and assets for the site. This enabled me to display a preloader that indicates to the user how many files (or lies!) that the application needed to load.

In addition to these useful effects a prize panel was placed on the right of the site that enables users to hover (or click on an iPad) and see a tabbed pane of prizes to be won for each week. The site has been very popular on its first day and has attracted 1500 entries at the current time of writing.

You can see the website in action at

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