Green Lantern – Join The CORPS

The Green Lantern Join The CORPS application was used as a social marketing tool for Warner Bros. and invited users to play various games and get achievements for performing various actions such as inviting friends and completing tasks in various social applications.

I was in charge of building an AMFPHP gateway for the game and a RESTFul API that allowed applications built by external developers (a Boot Camp game and Superhero or Sidekick? Quiz) to make calls to check a Facebook user exists and also log achievements as that user storing the information in a centralised database.

Colleague Kevin Young built the Green Lantern Join The CORPS application using Flash and ran inside a Facebook Tab iFrame application making calls to an AMFPHP gateway which I built using a Facebook class that I setup (you can see my post on Building a Facebook Application With AMFPHP on how to do this) which allowed the gateway to control all calls made to and from Facebook which abstracted all Facebook functionality from the Flash application.

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