The Hangover Part II – Hangover Helper

The Hangover Helper application was an event run from the 1st December to the 5th December where a “Tuk Tuk” would drive around Manchester, Birmingham and London and hand out free bacon sandwiches and coffee to Twitter users who tweet with their location switched on. This was run to promote the sale of The Hangover Part II on Blu-ray and DVD on 5th December.

I built a Facebook application that polled the Twitter API regularly to pull in tweets with the hash tag and store the location coordinates in the database. Once the application has this data it would update a map for which users locations are plotted with either an unhappy face or a happy face depending on if they were helped or not!

The application was built with scheduled tasks running PHP scripts to monitor and insert tweets into a database. Javascript was then used to poll the server at set intervals and display the tweets on the Map/Tweet panel.

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