HBO Never Ending Quiz

The HBO Never Ending Quiz was made for UK fans of HBO TV Shows and films and allows users to test their knowledge by answering a series of questions based on either the HBO collection of programs as a whole, or selecting a TV Show that the user is more comfortable with.

The application is by far one of the biggest applications I have worked on for HBO. Excluding the visuals, I was in control of building the whole application from the PHP and MySQL server side structure to the Javascript/JQuery running at the browser.

The application connects to a custom API built on the social domain and gets a users information using the Facebook Graph API. Once the user has given the application permission to the application they are then presented with a question and four random answers. The user must answer the question in 20 seconds or their question is flagged as being incorrect and a correct answer gets them a step closer to being rewarded badges and prizes.

Each badge is assigned to a TV show and Badges are not only rewarded through TV shows but are also given when a user achieves a rank during the quiz when they get to a certain amount of correct answers.

The application has been extremely popular and currently getting hundreds of entries among HBO UK’s fan base!

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