HBO Boardwalk Empire HTML5 iPad Optimised Website

The HBO Boardwalk Empire website is an iPad and browser optimised website and was built for the release of Season 1 on DVD and Blu-ray. I worked on this project with colleagues Kevin Young who worked with me on the HTML5 and CSS web transforms and David Adams who built all the visuals for the site. The website can be found here.

This was one of our first HTML5 websites as an agency and used a variety of technologies such as video, audio and CSS3 transforms to control a rotational menu at the foot of the site.

All content for the site was driven via an xml file that was used in the event that the site is to localised for other territories. One of the biggest requirements of the site was that it was optimised for use on iPad devices so this involved us building landscape and portrait orientations for when a user flips the device.

Another big feature of the website was to be able to interact with a large map of America and click around on different locations to see information and pictures from the show. All of this was achieved using CSS and jQuery using a mask to place the map in a draggable area.

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