Game of Thrones UK Mobile Website

HBO commissioned us to build a campaign for its flagship show Game of Thrones and its release on DVD and Blu-ray. This was achieved by building a series of social media such as a Flash driven website, Facebook application & a mobile website.

My job was to build this website by utilising JQuery and touch events to trigger page changes and content interaction. One of the main features of the site was the ability to scroll through a list of houses of the 9 kingdoms and be able to click each one in order to view characters and information about each house. Also a gallery was provided that allowed a user to view images from the show and scroll through them with touch events. For this I used a handy image gallery plugin specifically aimed towards mobile development called Photo Swipe.

JQuery and the touchwipe plugin were used to achieve the scrolling on the characters page which allowed users to select a house.

The mobile site used an xml document to load all of its text so that the site could be localised for other territories.

To compliment the mobile site I also built a Facebook Bannerman Application that allowed Facebook users to select from a house of the 9 kingdoms that they would like to join. This also used an xml document for localisation and social share tools were provided for users to be able to post the house they have joined to their Facebook timelines.

You can view the website by browsing to on your mobile device.

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