Friction TV – Lead Front End Web Developer

Friction TV

Friction TV

Friction TV are an online video debating website. The process of a debate is that a user will upload a video to the website that will encourage an issue, users will then comment on this issue using text or video responses.

I worked at Friction TV from February 2008 to August 2008 with Daniel Mullin, Brent McDowell & Paul Le contributing to the PHP Object Orientated backend code and also building XSLT pages for various browsing platforms.

At Friction TV I was tasked to:

  • Manage a team of front end web developers to produce CSS, XSLT and XML driven style sheets
  • Develop PHP class based code with business and data abstraction
  • Develop MySQL data queries for data selection and manipulation
  • Collaborate on the development of an Application Programming Interface to allow businesses including Tiscali, PETA, Amnesty International, Yahoo!, Veracifier, Independent & Greenpeace to integrate with the company’s data
  • Utilise the Flix On2 video creation software to encode videos and images
  • Develop AJAX calls and use JavaScript to send data calls to the server
  • Utilise PHP to produce dynamically driven XML to serve XSLT
  • Coproduce an Email Customer Relationship Marketing tool to facilitate interaction from business to end user

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