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Track Social Widget Events Using Google Analytics

There is a time when you are building your website that will need to track a users social share activity. Whether it be a Google Analytics event or you just want to be able to increment a count in your database. Continue reading

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Book Chapter for Facebook Application Development : Learn By Video

It has been a crazy couple of months! In October I finally sorted myself out and have purchased my own property and I have also been working on some large scale projects including an international iPad optimised website for HBO! Continue reading

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Facebook’s New Timeline!

My view on Facebooks new timeline feature. What does it mean for peoples profile pages ? Continue reading

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Emulating Facebook’s Dialogue Using Jquery UI Dialogues

When working on applications for Facebook one thing that I really wanted to be able to do is to have more control over the javascript dialogues to display our content to the user. Continue reading

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Integrating Twitter search into your WordPress blog

Recently we had to add a Twitter stream to one of our Facebook tabs for a campaign. I thought I would share with you php code that uses a short code in your Wordpress post and dynamically creates a twitter search panel based on a search term you specify. Continue reading

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Facebook Video Chat

Yesterday afternoon Facebook announced the new Video Chat functionality that has been hotly anticipated following the introduction of Google+… Continue reading

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Google Plus – The Next Generation Social Network?

I was lucky enough to get an invite to use the Google+ Project thanks to Craig Beswetherick which is Google’s answer to the Facebook platform and my first impressions overall are very good. When Google social tool Buzz came out … Continue reading

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Facebook iFrame Tabs

So Facebook have now enabled Facebook tabs to run iframes which gives the developer much more control and flexibility when building tab applications. Continue reading

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