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So Facebook have now enabled Facebook tabs to run iframes which gives the developer much more control and flexibility when building tab applications. This now opens up social media inside of Facebook to a wealth of technology such as HTML 5 and means that developers do not need to learn FBML to build an application that sits inside an iframe.

One thing that I have heard a lot about from developers on the Facebook forums is for Facebook to now introduce a better and cleaner method for prompting a user for their extended permissions. Rather than prompting a user using a messy window that opens up outside of the browser, what is to stop Facebook introducing an inline panel that would prompt for these permissions inside the users application page ?

This would offer a more cleaner and better experience for a user coming to your tab as one thing I have experienced is the dreaded ‘window flash’ when clicking a submit button after a user has accepted the required permissions for an application.

Could it not be automatically hooked onto the fb-root element that the Facebook Javascript SDK insist that you place inside your body element ?

Surely this should be something for Facebook to think about…

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